It is true that Gandhi’s idea for peace through non-violence is a brilliant way to look at things, but the simple problem is that it only works when there is a majority willing to perform it. People in general are temperamental. This means if someone goes far enough they WILL fight back. This proves that until everyone is one the same exact page Gandhi’s philosophy cannot be world-wide solution. This is where M.A.D. comes in. M.A.D. says that peace is achieved through the fear of being attacked for attacking and vice versa. Sure there is the always the risk of attack, but that be a risk with any philosophy for peace. BY not fighting back when it’s necessary then we’d be risking the lives we are trying to save. In today’s world M.A.D. is the philosophy for a reason. Gandhi had a great idea, but that’s all it is, an ideal. In this day in age Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence cannot work on a world wide scale. Maybe sometime in the future it will change, but as of today it is not possible.


In my eyes Manfred von Richthofen (a.k.a. The Red Baron) was the most influential person during the twenties. During WWI he had over 80 credited wins, even on top of that there were several wins not credited because his enemy crashed on Allied territory. Richthofen started out as a foot soldier when he joined the German military in 1911. It wasn’t until 1915 his piloting career began. At first he struggled controlling his aircraft which wasn’t uncommon with the fighter planes still fairly new so training wasn’t as sophisticated yet, but it didn’t take long for him to become a talented pilot and become well known. Richtofen was a tactical genius that helped shape aerial tactics even today. His most famous tactic was to fly above the enemy and dive down with the sun behind him making it difficult for his enemies to fight back at this point. After his 16th official win he was given the Pour le Mérite (The Blue Max), the highest military honor given in Germany at the time. Not long after his bean commanding his first squadron Jasta 11. This included several elite pilots some of which he trained himself. Eventually Jasta 11 (combined with 4, 6, and 10) became the Flying Circus. They were named for their mobility as well as their bright colors. Manfred von Richtofen is a man to admire due to his talents in aerial combat as well as his tactical strategies, even his story about how fast he traveled through the ranks and kept fighting despite his condition after his crash. He is well deserving of the title hero and the most influential person in the twenties.


The Treaty of Versailles sset up the stage for the second World War. This is the statement that has been beaten into our heads for years, in fact without the Treaty of Versailles would have never came into such power. The treaty basically said that the fault of the first World War rested entirely on Germany’s shoulder. Was this true, of course not, but because Germany was the last remaining enemy Germany became the fall guy. In the treaty it stated:

German armed forces will number no more than 100,000 troops, and conscription will be abolished.

Enlisted men will be retained for at least 12 years; officers to be retained for at least 25 years.

German naval forces will be limited to 15,000 men, 6 battleships (no more than 10,000 tons displacement each), 6 cruisers (no more than 6,000 tons displacement each), 12 destroyers (no more than 800 tons displacement each) and 12 torpedo boats (no more than 200 tons displacement each). No submarines are to be included.

The import and export of weapons is prohibited.

Poison gas, armed aircraft, tanks and armoured cars are prohibited.

Blockades on ships are prohibited.

Restrictions on the manufacture of machine guns (e.g. the Maxim machine gun) and rifles (e.g. Gewehr 98 rifles).
(original list taken from wikipedia)

By giving so many limitations to Germany they were forced into a depression. This gave the opprutunitiy for Hitler to come into power. The treaty backed Germany in a corner leaving them despreate, but with someone like Hilter comes and says “they have a solution” people tend to listen and follow just to find a way out of the hole. Without the treat Hitler may have still been involved, but he would not have nearly has much power resulting in WWII never starting.


Szlamek Bajler and Family

Taken on Monday 12 January 1942 from the town of Izbica Kujawska to Chelmno death camp, where he worked burying bodies in mass graves in Rzuchow forest after the Jews had been gassed in the gas vans.

On Monday 19 January Szlamek escaped from the vehicle carrying him and the other grave- diggers to the forest from the “Palace”. He made his way to Grabow, where he spoke to the Rabbi about what was happening in Chelmno. He gave the false name Grojanowski.

From Grabow he walked to the Warsaw Ghetto to warn the Jewish community of the destruction of the Jewish race taking place. Ill and extremely exhausted Szlamek was given shelter by people working for the Emanuel Ringelblum Archives- Hersz Wasser and his wife Bluma, who wrote down Szlamek’s account.

Members of the Ringelblum archives sent Szlamek to Zamosc, to stay with his sister in law Fela. Szlamek was deported to Belzec death camp from Zamosc on 11 April 1942, together with his sister in law, but before his death he managed to inform the Ringelblum archive that the extermination camp in Belzec – “It’s the same as in Chelmno”.

Szlamek’s report about Chelmno was published in Poland, after the war, during the war it was used in the secret reports sent from Poland to London, informing the allies of the death camps in Poland.

I am amazed that ont only was this man able to escape his sentence the first time and inform someone of the atrocities in that camp, but also somehow inform him again before dieing in Belzec. I don’t know how he managed to make it as far as he did or even if I could in that same situation.  Honestly even if there was a way to prevent something like this, do we have the ability to do something like that let alone the “political reasoning.”


The Lustania was a British passanger and cargo ship used to transport between the U.S. and Great Britain. During this time Germany began the unrestricted submarine warfare. Germany warned the U.S. several time not to board this ship because they were going to attack it. Dispite these warnings U.S. citizens stil boarded the vessel and like Germany said they would they sent a U-boat to sink the ship. 1,198 of the 1,959 people on board died. 128 of them American.

 The Lusitania

Rumurs say that the only reason Americans boarded was to make sure Germany didn’t attack the ship, but Germany called the bluff and attacked anyway.


The Zimmermann’s Telegram was a document that was coded message from the German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to German Minister to Mexico, von Eckhardt. Coded in this telegram was a supposed message asking Eckhardt to convince Mexico to enter in a war with the United States by offering U.S.  territory of their choice. England “intercepted” this telegram and it was able to decode it.  It wasn’t until February 1917 that the message was released to the United States. After being released the United States sought this as a threat and decided to join the war against Germany.


 The Zimmermann Telegram

There is a theory that the telegram was a fraud and was used to pull America into the war aainst Germany intentionally. Germany had just pulled out of the war against Russia just as America joined. Why would a military leader risk another opponent after finally ending with another?  When Zimmermann freely admitted guilt to the crime is bizaree as can be. It questions his loyalty to Germany as well as wonder why there was litle reaction for him admitting such a treasonous act. There is also rumor that he was a double agent working against Germany.

The First Conspiracy

Another likely conspiracy s that England forged the letter entiraly in a desprate act to get America to join. With England intercepting the letter and decoding it is suspicious because they could have change the entire letter just to make Germany look bad.  By using fear England could of intentionally brought the U.S. into the war. This is