The Zimmermann’s Telegram

The Zimmermann’s Telegram was a document that was coded message from the German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to German Minister to Mexico, von Eckhardt. Coded in this telegram was a supposed message asking Eckhardt to convince Mexico to enter in a war with the United States by offering U.S.  territory of their choice. England “intercepted” this telegram and it was able to decode it.  It wasn’t until February 1917 that the message was released to the United States. After being released the United States sought this as a threat and decided to join the war against Germany.


 The Zimmermann Telegram

There is a theory that the telegram was a fraud and was used to pull America into the war aainst Germany intentionally. Germany had just pulled out of the war against Russia just as America joined. Why would a military leader risk another opponent after finally ending with another?  When Zimmermann freely admitted guilt to the crime is bizaree as can be. It questions his loyalty to Germany as well as wonder why there was litle reaction for him admitting such a treasonous act. There is also rumor that he was a double agent working against Germany.

The First Conspiracy

Another likely conspiracy s that England forged the letter entiraly in a desprate act to get America to join. With England intercepting the letter and decoding it is suspicious because they could have change the entire letter just to make Germany look bad.  By using fear England could of intentionally brought the U.S. into the war. This is


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