Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles sset up the stage for the second World War. This is the statement that has been beaten into our heads for years, in fact without the Treaty of Versailles would have never came into such power. The treaty basically said that the fault of the first World War rested entirely on Germany’s shoulder. Was this true, of course not, but because Germany was the last remaining enemy Germany became the fall guy. In the treaty it stated:

German armed forces will number no more than 100,000 troops, and conscription will be abolished.

Enlisted men will be retained for at least 12 years; officers to be retained for at least 25 years.

German naval forces will be limited to 15,000 men, 6 battleships (no more than 10,000 tons displacement each), 6 cruisers (no more than 6,000 tons displacement each), 12 destroyers (no more than 800 tons displacement each) and 12 torpedo boats (no more than 200 tons displacement each). No submarines are to be included.

The import and export of weapons is prohibited.

Poison gas, armed aircraft, tanks and armoured cars are prohibited.

Blockades on ships are prohibited.

Restrictions on the manufacture of machine guns (e.g. the Maxim machine gun) and rifles (e.g. Gewehr 98 rifles).
(original list taken from wikipedia)

By giving so many limitations to Germany they were forced into a depression. This gave the opprutunitiy for Hitler to come into power. The treaty backed Germany in a corner leaving them despreate, but with someone like Hilter comes and says “they have a solution” people tend to listen and follow just to find a way out of the hole. Without the treat Hitler may have still been involved, but he would not have nearly has much power resulting in WWII never starting.


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