Who made the greatest impact in the 1920’s

In my eyes Manfred von Richthofen (a.k.a. The Red Baron) was the most influential person during the twenties. During WWI he had over 80 credited wins, even on top of that there were several wins not credited because his enemy crashed on Allied territory. Richthofen started out as a foot soldier when he joined the German military in 1911. It wasn’t until 1915 his piloting career began. At first he struggled controlling his aircraft which wasn’t uncommon with the fighter planes still fairly new so training wasn’t as sophisticated yet, but it didn’t take long for him to become a talented pilot and become well known. Richtofen was a tactical genius that helped shape aerial tactics even today. His most famous tactic was to fly above the enemy and dive down with the sun behind him making it difficult for his enemies to fight back at this point. After his 16th official win he was given the Pour le Mérite (The Blue Max), the highest military honor given in Germany at the time. Not long after his bean commanding his first squadron Jasta 11. This included several elite pilots some of which he trained himself. Eventually Jasta 11 (combined with 4, 6, and 10) became the Flying Circus. They were named for their mobility as well as their bright colors. Manfred von Richtofen is a man to admire due to his talents in aerial combat as well as his tactical strategies, even his story about how fast he traveled through the ranks and kept fighting despite his condition after his crash. He is well deserving of the title hero and the most influential person in the twenties.


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