Gandhi or M.A.D.?

It is true that Gandhi’s idea for peace through non-violence is a brilliant way to look at things, but the simple problem is that it only works when there is a majority willing to perform it. People in general are temperamental. This means if someone goes far enough they WILL fight back. This proves that until everyone is one the same exact page Gandhi’s philosophy cannot be world-wide solution. This is where M.A.D. comes in. M.A.D. says that peace is achieved through the fear of being attacked for attacking and vice versa. Sure there is the always the risk of attack, but that be a risk with any philosophy for peace. BY not fighting back when it’s necessary then we’d be risking the lives we are trying to save. In today’s world M.A.D. is the philosophy for a reason. Gandhi had a great idea, but that’s all it is, an ideal. In this day in age Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence cannot work on a world wide scale. Maybe sometime in the future it will change, but as of today it is not possible.


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